Turn table spirograph

This work by Robert Howsare is as hypnotic as it in ingenious, I wonder sometimes how someone comes up with something like this!

Apparently if you play a Peter Andre song on this it draws a massive cock


The best of Don Hertzfeldt

If you don’t know who Don Hertzfeldt you are in for a treat and if have heard of him, you know what to expect: pure genius.

There’s a fine line between genius and insanity… – Oscar Levant

It would be hardo explain exactly what makes his work so amazing, from the economy of drawings, expressive all the same, to the gut wrenching humour and absurd surrealism, it just hypnotised and overwhelms you, here are some of the best of Don:

Billy’s Balloon

The first Don I ever viewed and perhaps still my favourite, I was just simply enjoying the style of the cartoon, before it sucked me into a vortex of awesome and surreal, Pixars Up can kiss my ass, this is the only balloon cartoon you need.

The animation show

I’m going to stick my neck out here and say this is what a decent into madness feels like, once again you get lulled in by a slighty surreal but gentle beginning and then wham, freaking robots


Who would dare to face the wrath of a comic genius? Who cares as long as the product is as good as this! My spoon is too big and my ass is bleeding….

Ah L’Amour

One of his first and still one of his best and could well be based on my life

Watching the grass grow

Ever wondered what a creative genius looks like when working? This a time-lapse of Don working on a short film and then the film itself, simply wonderful

If you want more Don and frankly who wouldn’t? best to go straight to the source, Dons own site – Bitter Films

Gifs of Don – the best damn Don Hertzfeldt animated gif collection on the whole damn internet (fact)

I’m off to find a pencil and some acid so I have a go at replicating the work of Don Hertzfeldt

Sin in leisure, repent at haste

Me over the last 6 months

I could make excuses, I’ve been busy with work, distracted by the opposite sex and rendered unable to walk for a bit after tearing a “bum muscle”*; but the fact is the rules of thermo dynamics changes for no man and my move to a more sedentary lifestyle was not matched by a reduction of calorie intake.

I tend not to sweat the little details, such worrying about what I eat and when, but the reality is that I should. With a healthy, balanced diet, regularly spaced throughout the day, I wouldn’t be where I am now, which ultimately is longer in the gym than I want to be.

I am not a natural athlete, that coupled with the other factors already mentioned led to me getting out of shape, not over a few weeks, but over many months. Much like your hair growing, you don’t notice the slow incremental increases until one day you wake up and realize you need to go to the barber. What is worse is that the slow process that got me to where I am now is a positive feedback loop, the un fitter I get the slower my metabolism and higher my apathy to do exercise so the process just snowballs.

Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all — the apathy of human beings. – Helen Keller

Much like waking up with slightly too long hair, I woke up with nothing that fits, it was time to draw a line in the cellulite and get my Beyoncé ass in shape.

To work out how to do this I applied the same principle I do to every other aspect of my life, do a literature review. This became a nightmare, with my bullshit filter on red alert, it is amazing how much information there is out there on this subject, with a 1001 gimmicks and get fit quick schemes, the one consistent is that on top of the “pomegranate enema”, Hollywood “lemon juice diet” and diet pills they all added the advice to eat less and exercise more, no shock there.

To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness – Bertrand Russel

Retreating from the wilds of the internet I spoke to friends and associates with experience in the subject (including my vet who I asked for advice about reducing the weight in primates) the consensus was clear, slowly increase my metabolism through exercise while slowly reducing calorific intake. Doing this too quickly is a no no, your body and mind will only handle a crash diet for so long and the rebound from it will put you back where you were in the first place, you are just miserable for the time in between. I had to get rid of the weight more or less at the speed I gained it.

This whole plan seemed counter intuitive, my gut instinct was to eat fuck all and run like forest gump for a few weeks, alas life is never that simple. To help me stay on course for the long haul was a wonderful resource the “fat2fit” podcast which contains all the detailed content and motivation I was looking for in the first place in a slow and steady wins the race approach to diet.

Back to the gym chubby

Well since then things have started well, 2 weeks of an improved diet has now been followed by my first week in the gym, time will tell but my main aim is not to give up on this lifestyle change before I next need a haircut.

If all goes to plan I should be able to get back into my mankini for next summer

* technical term

Practice makes perfect, or just another day and another hoax?

Watching the video below my first thoughts were “wow, i wonder how much practice and how many takes that all took”, then i got suspicious….



Looks like a bit of clever, but simple editing make this process a whole lot easier than i previously thought



top marks for effort though!

Family guy, from humble beginnings

With the decline of The Simpsoms, Family Guy really has to now be the best  cartoon series on tv, even its spin off the Cleveland Show is great. I find the origins of the these shows really interesting, even in the form it is now, it took a while to find its feet but it is in the grove now.

The original pilots for the show are like chalk and cheese to the show now, but there are nuggets there, the voices are the thing that jar the most


1995 pilot “the life of larry” – basically the same character, but oh so different

A similar pilot in 1996 but much more child friendly

1996 pilot – much more familiar

A direct comparison between 1996 and current format – amazing how much is the same

I love the creative process and the organic nature of these types of shows

Worst Sheepdog ever!

A) he is not a dog

B) those are not sheep…

good effort though mate

Rap, animation and right on, all winning!

Oh and a killer hook

cant ask for more than this!